Passion Academy


The primary goal of the Passion Fashion Academy’s Trainee Program is to introduce new faces to Second Life’s modeling industry.  We charge no tuition to our trainees and we keep our enrollment low (no more than 10 per term) so as to offer the best individualized training to our students.  Attendance at all classes is mandatory.  Obviously, if a RL scheduling conflict arises, please let Leandra Breen and/or Carilynn OHare know in advance that you cannot attend the class so that efforts can be made to catch you up to the rest of the trainees for the next week’s lesson.  However, it is important to note that continued missed classes may make it impossible for you to graduate from our school.  If you are unable to graduate from our Academy, we do offer an opportunity to repeat our program should you desire to do so.

We are pleased to be able to offer our trainees some of the most accomplished and successful SL models as instructors or “mentors.”  Each mentor brings their special skills and experience to our classes, and will offer training in such areas as styling, runway, posing, behavior, tips and tricks, etc.

All trainees are invited to the Academy via personal selection.  Your potential and attitude are critical in our selection process as we do not evaluate any formal applications.  The desire and commitment to learn and improve is what we value the most from our trainees.

Upon completion of the required course work, all mentors, Passion’s Founder and CEO, Leandra Breen, and the Academy’s CEO’s, Falbala Fairey and Carilynn OHare, will conduct an in-depth evaluation of each trainee’s work and attitude during the past term.  Should you be passed by the mentors and staff, you will participate in the Graduation Show.

Upon graduation from the Academy, all trainees will receive a diploma.  PLEASE NOTE:  Graduation from the Academy does not automatically guarantee an invitation into the Passion Agency.  We will select only the best of our trainees to join our agency.

If you are interestet, please send your resume and a portfolio to Leandra Breen and Falbala Fairey.

The next trainees class starts March 2012.

Mentors List on page Passion Staff.


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